Message From the President

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving, with family and friends. We have a lot to be thankful for but once again we need to think of our brothers and sisters who have lost everything they have owned and the memories to these devastating fires. Let us all say an extra prayer for those affected. The Grand Lodge of California is doing our part in helping. Anyone that would like to make a donation, we have set up an account for those lodge members that have been displaced, 100% of the monies received will be donated to the lodges in Paradise, Chico and Shasta. Charity begins at home. California has had enough of disasters, Mother Nature we are sorry, give us a break please!

Congratulations to all of the newly elected local lodge officers. Those of you that are stepping down from an office, remember your job is not just to sit back and watch, you should be mentoring the individual that has taken your place. Do not just walk away; your help will greatly be appreciated. And to you new officers, do not try and do everything by yourself, rely on your officers for help. It will make the job/office much easier. Thank you again to all of you that have stepped up.

My travels for 2018 have slowed down till the New Year. I was fortunate to attend Saddleback Lodge’s anniversary luncheon where they honored Saddleback Lodge’s 1st Lady Michelle Lowinger. Congratulations again Michele and thanks again for picking me up. It was a wonderful event!!..

Later in the month I attended the C.Colombo lodge Cucidati cookie contest. This event grows every year. A great event; Lisa, Zelda, Rosemarie and members look like you need a bigger place. Congrats on a great event!! One event I always look forward to attending this time of year is the Vallejo Lodges presentation of monies earned at the annual wine tasting event, to the UC Davis Alzheimer’s research center. They have been able to help so many people. Let’s hope they can find a cure to this terrible disease.

Membership is still something we all need to work on, just think If each lodge brought in one member we would have 50 new members, but if each person brought in one person we would have 3500+ new members, I don’t expect this but let’s try and increase our membership, ask your friends, neighbors and children, grand children.

We once again will be having the 365 winner everyday raffle ticket; we have change the price to $25.00 but kept the prize amounts the same. Each lodge has been sent tickets along with the officers and chairs. Contact the Grand Lodge if you need more. This has been a nice fundraiser for the Grand Lodge but dropped off a little so we thought if we lower the price maybe sales will increase. So buy that extra ticket for your friend, dog sitter, house sitter, co worker, neighbor, they make a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer. Maybe if they win a few times if they are not a member they might just join!!

In closing First Lady Donna Lee and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all of you and your families. Buon Natale and Felice Anno Nuovo.

Ciao until 2019,