Message From the President

The summer is flying by and fall is fast approaching. Time doesn’t stop. First I want to thank all of you in showing your support in me to lead our Grand Lodge for two more years. I would like to start my article with my acceptance speech from the 2017 convention.

Good morning/ good afternoon,

Worthy National 1st Vice President Vera, State Officers, delegates and guests. Special thanks to our outgoing officers. It has been a pleasure working with you these past two years. Fortunately I know all of you are very passionate towards the order and you heritage, so you won’t be going far.

As I mention I feel I still have work to be done and with the help of this Grand Council I believe we can accomplish a great deal of work put forward to us thru by you the delegation. Thank all of you for your support and trust in me to continue to lead us into the future (our theme) the future is ours let us grasp it by the horns and take the Grand Lodge of California to new heights. Am I optimistic? Probably, but with all of you as my extended family we can do it.

My work ethics come from my parents; I personally will not put less than 100% into any task put before me. Yes I work full time, I have showed dedication to my job being there for 26 years, the president of my company, knows that I have taken this job seriously and they are willing to allow me the time off to give my all to the grand lodge obligations. Once I say I will work on accomplishing a task I will try with every effort to get the results we as a team are looking for. We will work as a team, that old saying… there is no I in team. We as a council will work together.

Again watching a group of Italians get together and discuss, agree to disagree and finally compromise, shows that Italians are passionate about their and show that live in a true democracy that we have in this country, and this was noted again to us in last night’s entertainment night during the singing of “GOD BLESS AMERICA”! That song makes the hair on my neck stand up “THAT’S FOR YOU VERA” Thank you again all the veterans for this right. On a personal note, please keep all of your military in your thoughts and prayer, my son in law just left June 8 for a one year tour in Afghanistan, he is a major in the Army jag corp.

Remember as a Grand Council, “Don’t aspire to be the best on a team, aspire to be the best team”.

A lot of issues came up at this convention. Some with heated discussions but in the end we can still be friends and family. Remember the end of Davinci presentation “love conquers all” and what Brother Phil stated in his message to us about “harmony”. Harmony being the greatest strength of our fraternity.

We have talked a lot about membership and retention of members; we had some great ideas from you the delegates. Membership is a key item we as a grand lodge need to work on, but this is all of us. We all have to work together to grow together.

We will also work closely with our new Hall rental manager 5051 Mission St, to help them maximize the utilization of our Grand Lodge building and adjacent lot. I will have our financial offcers establish an account to place monies from our rentals for reserve for any repairs.

In closing I want to Thank National Chaplin Father Forno for once again for attending our convention and look forward to seeing you again in 2020. Also I would like to thank our National President Vera for her support, and congratulations on completing your term as National President. Thanks to both Lynn and Lori for working hard to allow us to have a successful Convention.-

Well Donna Lee, the last two years have definitely been an “E” ticket ride for sure. ”Looks like we now have a fast pass for two more years to ride all the rides, are you ready?

Again thank all of you, the delegates, and guests for all of your support the last two years by making me feel like family and look forward to the next two years with open eyes for the future.


I am writing this upon my return from the National Convention in Texas, where California’s own Vera Girolami ran a very successful convention and is now the Past National President, Congratulations to our new National President Nancy DiFiore Quinn and to all of the newly elected officers. For more information on The National Convention please look at our National Trustee Lynn Lawrence Murphy’s article.

I have set a some goals for my term as your President, one being membership, I want to increase our membership by 10% prior to the next Convention in 2020. I believe that this goal is attainable if we all work together. This is approximately 300 new members. Communication is also a key to our existence.

I have established a Social Media Committee where we will use our Facebook page to get our “face” out there; we are also establishing an Instagram & Twitter page. A lot of people say “We are the best kept secret” time to get the secret out!!

Grand Council is fast approaching this September in Visalia, where we will also celebrate Hanford Lodge’s 90th Anniversary.

Again I am looking forward to being your president, and I am willing to work for the better of the order. Mille Grazie.

Yours Fraternally