Message From the President

The months keep flying by, the last three months have been a blur. Good thing I do not have a front lawn or it would be three feet high.

It was nice to see all the Italian Heritage/Columbus Day celebrations throughout the states. 1st Lady Donna Lee and myself along with Queen “B” had the pleasure of representing the Grand Lodge in the 151st consecutive Italian Heritage Parade in San Francisco. What a great day to see all the people who come out to see this event. Thank you John and Tom for driving the cars for us. The weather was great and the company even better.

September Grand Council is complete and a big thank you to all of the officers and chairs for your input and attention during the meeting, it takes all of us to keep the ship right. That Saturday after the council meeting Hanford Lodge celebrated their 90th anniversary. President Louise and your committee did a excellent job, I am glad we were able to do this on the same weekend as Grand Council to allow all of the officers to attend.

Speaking of Hanford Lodge we are sadden to hear of the passing of longtime member of Hazel Ann Christian. Our thoughts and prayers go out to George and his family for this loss. We also extend our thoughts and prayers to our 1st Vice President Barbara, for the loss of her father Sam. He will be missed by many.

The Holidays are fast approaching soon it will be Thanksgiving, soon after Christmas and then the New Year 2020. That will be hard to grasp.

The Grand Lodge will once again have the “365” raffle for 2020, The ticket price will remain $25.00 and will be the same payouts as last year. Think about buying one for your lodges, your hairdresser, gardener and even co-workers, they make a great stocking stuffer. The new tickets will be available after Thanksgiving

Please continue to send me your newsletters and invitations to your upcoming events. I will try to attend as many as possible.

The Western Foundation Golf tournament is complete and we look forward to the Southern California golf tournament in Palm Springs on November 18th.

I am always talking about new members to keep us going but it is also important to have that “retention of current members”. Think about this, Is it more important to get a new member or retain that current member? The correct answer is retaining the current member. This info is available in a Retention Manual that was prepared by National which I will have available to our filial lodges shortly. I am not saying we do not want to pursue new members we just need to keep our existing members.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of you and your families from 1st lady Donna Lee and myself. Also for Veterans Day, THANK YOU! Veterans, for your service in protecting our rights to live in this wonderful country.

Until next month…

Yours Fraternally