Message From the President

As we enter into May we should have plenty of flowers the April showers took care of that. It is nice to have some spring weather, even though we need the rain. The end of April and going into May will be a busy time for my schedule. The end of April I attended the Modesto Lodge’s foundation Black Tie event. The following week it was onto Santa Rosa Lodge for their Fish Fry. The next weekend it was up to Chico where Vincenzo Bellini Lodge held their anniversary dinner and also honored a well deserving member Jim Lamanna, their state deputy, but not only state deputy there but also for Weed and Klamath Falls, a well deserving member. The very next day First Lady Donna Lee got on a plane to Anaheim for Anaheim’s 60th anniversary dinner, I sure I will be able to fit in some Disney time while there.

May 12th is the Vallejo Lodges Annual Wine Tasting event. I am also hoping to attend Centinela Valley’s anniversary dinner, then (where do I have time to work!) I will be heading to NELA in Washington DC fortunately I will be able to see my grandkids while there as they live in Virginia.

As I have mentioned in past articles, with the help of Solano County Supervisor Erin Hannigan and her staff, with the help of Senator Mike Thompson we were able to get the new post office named after Janet Cappello. Those that remember Janet, you would agree she is most deserving of this honor. Thank you Erin and Michael for your hard work in achieving this!!

So I do not forget, Happy Mother’s Day to all of those mothers and grandmothers! Remember they are why we are here!. On a personal note, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom and happy birthday, (her birthday is real close to Mother’s Day) I appreciate everything you have done in the past and your support in the future!

Convention is fast approaching, Lori and Lynn have been working very hard are planning with the host lodge West End. Sitting in on one the meetings with the hotel there is a lot of work that is done to prepare for a convention. So next time you see Lynn and Lori tell them thank you for all their efforts.

By the time you read this we will know who the new Queen or King will be for the Grand Lodge of California, Congratulations to all the candidates and thank you for all your efforts in fund raising not only for yourself and you lodge and the Grand Lodge.

On a sad note we have lost a lodge. Lake County Lodge voted to close their lodge at the end of April. It’s hard to see a lodge close, but fortunately we were able to have a number of members transfer to other lodges. Thank you Karen, for your years of service as President of Lake County lodge.

There are other Lodges that are struggling to keep membership. I have asked our three area Vice Presidents to reach out to these lodges to see where we can help. Membership is a key to our success. Sign up a new member, talk about the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America to your friends and neighbors. It is amazing how many people have not ever heard of our organization.

Communication is another item we all as an organization need to work on. We have so many tools to communicate, be it land lines, cell phones, twitter, instagram email, texting and facebook, just to name a few. Regarding facebook, I personally do not go on facebook that often, but when I do, I see all these amazing recipes for food and it makes me hungry, please not so many at a time. But getting back to communication do not assume that by sending an email that person did receive it, if you don’t hear back pick up the phone and call to make sure they received.

Let me close with this inspirational quote ,“When I stand before God, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me” Erma Bombeck. Think about this and hopefully it will inspire you to help our Grand Lodge of California.

Yours fraternally,