Message From the President

2020: Wow that’s going take some getting used too. Let’s hope for a wonderful and prosperous New Year for each and every member of the Grand Lodge of California Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America. What goals are you going to set for the New Year? I had set a goal of increasing membership by 10% from last year. We have been going through a lot of applications and membership certificates at the Grand Lodge so hopefully we are on the right track. First quarter is always the hardest with many people dropping because they lose interest or for other reasons. What are those reasons, this is for us to find out before we just dropped members for not paying their dues, lets reach out to them and ask that simply question, why? Let’s work together on this, I do not have all the answers, it takes more than just one or two, it takes all of us working together as a team.

We have started the “365” raffle once again, the purchase price is once again $25.00 and we kept the amounts to win the same. Please help support the Grand Lodge with this fundraiser. Each lodge could purchase one and you would be surprised when the check comes in the mail. If you need tickets please contact the Grand Lodge, all the lodges were mailed some tickets at the beginning of December, also sent to Officers and Chars.

At the beginning of December I had the pleasure along with members of the Vallejo Lodges to present the check to UC Davis Alzheimer’s research. Vallejo does a wine tasting event in May along with a silent auction. The two lodges donate close to $8100.00, and with a check from the Western Foundation that was collected at last year’s Convention the total was just under $9600.00. Great job Vallejo lodges and to all of you who donated.

I would like to thank our volunteers who have helped out this past year at the Grand Lodge. Joy Bruno and Lynn Lawrence Murphy have been kind enough to sit in rush hour traffic to and from the Grand Lodge. I also need to thank our Recording Secretary for going in once a week to do the bookkeeping. We are working on getting Alexis some help in the office. Fingers crossed we will have someone in mid-January or early February. In the meantime thank you Alexis for working hard to keep the office going. Please if you call be patient we are still having trouble with the new phone system. We are saving a lot of money but are really inconvenienced. Everyone please be patient! I have my cell phone with me if it is important feel free to call, text or email me.

March grand council is also right around the corner. It will be held at the Marriott in Torrance. I am hoping to see a number of members there and see how your grand council works for you. Please come and ask questions.

At the beginning of next year National will have a new Sons and Daughters of Italy Lodge in Rome, Italy. How exciting. Now when you visit Rome you might be able to look up a member of the order in Italy.

So let’s purchase those raffles tickets, and sign up that new member(s).

We are the best kept secret!!

Until next month…

Yours Fraternally