Message From the President

The year has been flying by at warp speed. Where has time gone? It is hard to believe that the Thanksgiving is fast approaching with Christmas holiday right behind that. All of our lodges are having or have had their elections of new officers for the new two year term. Thanks you to all of you that have served the past two years, remember your job is not complete. You will need to help & mentor that person who has taken over for you. And to the entire new officers thank you for stepping up to hold that office and remember do not be afraid of sharing new ideas. Remember the sign of a great leader is he or she who follows them. Sit down with the new officer taking your place and make sure they have all the correct information to do this job just as you did. Communication is the Key, we have so many avenues to communicate, and we need to use all of them!!! We all need to communicate and work together to continue for the Good of the Order

October was a blur for me. Between attending the Southern California United Lodges Columbus Day Celebration, Again Rosemarie thank you for the invite and Paul it was a pleasure to talk to you as my “Uber” Driver. Look forward to getting to talk with you more. After jetting down the south the very next morning First lady Donna Lee made the trip up North to attend the Western Foundation Golf tournament, prior to arriving Donna Lee and I went by the Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation to present Roberta Kirshner with our donations and we were given a private tour of the grounds. You all need to see this place! Thank you Roberta, what you are doing is amazing. The next weekend it was off to Sparks to attend their dinner. Amazing job Roy and officers. Thank you again for a great meal, John you and your kitchen crew do an outstanding job. The next morning it was onto Vallejo to help with their monthly dinner, to then end up driving back to Reno in the am with recording secretary Lori, were we met Past State President Lynn to meet with the Atlantis hotel and casino, where the 2019 convention will be held. It does not end there. The following weekend I devoured my fair share of shrimp at Sacramento Lodge shrimp feed. All this and two family birthdays, even though you two are across the nation. Happy 7th birthday Julie (granddaughter) and happy birthday first daughter Erin!! Let us remember our veterans and those currently serving in our military this Veterans Day. Remember if it was not for them we would not have the rights and privileges that we have. Thank you for your service!! Here is hoping November slows down a bit, I will be attending the Saddleback Lodge Anniversary this month. And I will be at “famous Cuccidati Italian cookie contest also Thank you for all the kind words and support all of you have given me this past year and a half. Both Donna Lee and I appreciate it. The 2019 “365” raffle tickets will be going on sell soon, and this year we change the price, $30.00, instead of $25.00, Lets all chip in and buy a ticket for your lodge, babysitter, dog sitter, roommate, friends and family. You will still be able to win multiple times!!

First lady Donna Lee and I wish you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Ciao, until next month,