Message From the President

This past month has been a busy one to say the least, Vincenzo Bellini anniversary dinner, Anaheim anniversary dinner, Vallejo Wine Tasting, Mother’s Day, Centinela Valley anniversary dinner, then onto to NELA in Washington DC. On a personal note, right after NELA, I will be traveling to Williamsburg VA, to see my grandkids, my granddaughter Julieann and I will finally be able to see my grandson Harrison for the first time, oh yah I will be able to see my daughter and son-in law also. A very busy month to say the least.

Memorial Day, follows NELA, THANK YOU to all the Veterans for your service!! Also a big thank you to all those currently serving in our armed forces for keeping us safe in this beautiful country.

As we enter into June, summer is around the corner and the first year of my term comes to an end. I want to thank all the lodges and members for an amazing year.

First Lady Donna Lee and I want to thank you for all the kind words and support throughout the year. I would also like to thank all of the officers on the Grand Council for working with me. I hope I have not been too hard on any of you.

Convention is right around the corner and our co-coordinators Lynn and Lori are working very hard to have a successful convention, please thank them for all the hard work. During convention we will have a lot of topics to discuss; I will ask that every delegate be respectful and courteous to each other’s opinion.

Our State Convention serves as a meeting place for our lodges from California, Oregon and Nevada to come together annually to meet the challenges ahead of us and share ideas to help our Grand Lodge continue to grow. There will be many topics and decisions to make regarding our Order. Please come with questions; please take notes so the facts can be relayed to your membership.

We will hopefully have a completed ADA evaluation of the Grand Lodge building. We have hired a company in San Francisco to complete this. We have also hired a tax lawyer to evaluate the ramification we could face if we were to sell the building.

I would like to welcome to our new Grand Lodge Queen Briana Simon and her Court, including our first gentleman on the court Joseph Perez, thank all the lodges and members that supported the Royal Contest. Congratulations!

I also would like to thank our current State Queen, Mary Lucido and her court for the outstanding job they have done these past two years and I know they will gladly offer assistance and support to our new court. I have had the opportunity to travel with Mary the past few months and all I can say is what an amazing young women she is, Kathy and Phil you should be proud of your daughter, she is going to do amazing things with her life. I hope to be around when I can say “Worthy State President Mary”!! Thank you for representing the Grand Lodge of CA.

We are honored to have our National President (from California) Vera Girolami, National Chaplain Father Adam Forno and National Recording Secretary Phil Privitera from the State of Massachusetts returning once again to our Convention. We welcome you all with open arms.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at convention, remember if you are not a delegate you can still attend as a guest. So please come and show your support!!

Ciao, until next month,