Representing Americans of Italian descent residing in:
California • Nevada • Southern Oregon

Message From The President

State President John Costa

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends. Donna Lee and I were able to spend my Easter with grandkids from Virginia and the rest of my family. Family is very important and must take a priority during our busy lives.

Looks like the rain is finally thru for a while, now its onto pulling weeds, washing cars and all the other outside chores that we have all been putting off. Soon it will be time for warm weather, sun glasses and picnics. But before that your delegates will be going to convention in Reno. Make sure you ask your delegates to take good notes so you will all know what is going on with your Grand Lodge. Send your delegates with questions and concerns; we want every member to be involved.

May has been a busy month besides traveling to lodge events, working with our convention coordinators Lynn and Lori; It is amazing how much time goes into preparing for convention, thank you both for all your time and effort. Also thank you to the office staff for helping also!

As I mentioned in my last article, I am running for re-election as your State President, I hope I will have your support.


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