Message From the President

As we start the New Year I was hoping to have a positive start to my article. As fires rage on in southern California, we pray not only for those affected by the fires but also those first responders who are risking their life to help protect us. God bless them all.

The first part of November We also lost another Past State President to the Grand Lodge above. Joe LaBanca was a true member of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary and her family during this time. Joe had a hand in my meeting the current First Lady Donna Lee. At my first convention in 2003 Joe was running for office and held a reception after one of the sessions, I decided to join the festivities and while there Evelyn Fox introduced me to Donna Lee and her Mother Lynn. Donna Lee and I have on display in a frame the invitation from that event with the Italian flag and the OSIA logo. We even had Joe sign the back for us to remember that night. Thank you Joe for all you did for us, for the Grand Lodge of California and National. You will be missed!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year celebration. During the month of December I was a judge at a cookie contest, honored at a dinner and attended a few Christmas Dinners. First the cookie contest, it’s amazing how 150 plus people get excited for a small cookie, great job Zelda and her committee for putting on a wonderful celebration for the Cuccidati cookie.

Later in December I was honored by the Vallejo Lodges for my being elected your State President. What a great evening, from great company, great music and great food. Thank you to all the members who attended including the State Officers who took time out of there busy schedules to attend, thank you Spark Sisters for the outstanding music, you two young ladies are amazing. Thank you also to the Vallejo lodges for their love and kindness, Pam and Glen from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. And yes Louise I will buy you a drink for getting stuck in traffic.

Ok onto business, it’s a start of the New Year and time to get out there and promote the OSIA; it’s amazing how many people have never heard of our organization. Let’s get the word out there. Membership has to be a key this year. Grand council will be held in Sacramento in March 2018, I am beginning to prepare for this. Also our convention co-coordinators Lori and Lynn are working on the convention in Ontario in June. Thank you both for all the hard work.

Our membership program is almost ready to go, all the data is input or the last of it is being done. This is a long time coming and fingers crossed it will be live at the first of the year.

The 365 raffle tickets are once again for sale for the year 2018. These make nice gifts for friends and relatives, it’s amazing how many lodges have purchased a ticket and has won numerous times. Just think if everyone bought just one. Think about it. Till next month.

Mille grazie