Sons of Italy Western Foundation

The Sons of Italy Western Foundation is an operating and grant-making philanthropic institution established in 1959 by the Grand Lodge of California, Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA). The Sons of Italy Western Foundation is a public benefit, non-profit tax exempt organization as defined by Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

OSIA was established in 1905 as a fraternal organization to help Italian immigrants assimilate into American society. The organization has provided a community in which Italian Americans have preserved and nurtured their heritage.

During the 1950s, ambitious leaders of OSIA strived to provide the organization with access to policy makers, researchers, charities and other non-profit groups to increase the organization's influence in American life. A trust agreement was drawn to create a foundation to serve these humanistic concerns.

The Sons of Italy Western Foundation was established as a distinct entity that, through its own projects and grant-making activities, would help educate Americans and improve their lives. Since its inception, the Foundation has enhanced educational opportunities and experiences for high school students, improved relations between the United States and Italy, and supported the preservation and promotion of Italian-American culture.

The Sons of Italy Western Foundation also has a tradition of supporting medical research on genetic diseases, aiding victims of natural disasters, strengthening communities through various support projects and sponsoring special programs of local and regional significance.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Sons of Italy Western Foundation are committed to continuing the Foundation's traditions of initiating and supporting important, successful programs and projects that positively influence the lives of  Americans.


Cultural Preservation and Advancement

Organizations and institutions that preserve, nurture, and promote Italian culture and Italian American culture.

Projects that increase the understanding and appreciation of Italian American or other ethnic/minority groups and their  contributions to American society and culture.

Disaster Relief

 Projects designed to relieve the suffering of victims involved in local and regional disasters.


Annual High-School scholarships based on academic and leadership potential.

Scholarship and program support to individuals and organizations working directly in Italian American studies, language,  and literature.

Initiatives designed to increase the study of Italian language, literature, history, and society in American high schools,  colleges, and universities.

Medical Research and Education

The support of medical research, education, and assistance of local and regional scope.


  1. Individuals (except through our scholarship program and "Students to Italy" Program).
  2. Governmental agencies and foreign countries.
  3. More that one project from any organization in one calendar year.
  4. Advertising campaigns, membership campaigns, propaganda or lobbying to influence legislation.
  5. Political and election campaigns.
  6. The advancement of religious groups and denominations.
  7. Research or other activities designed for the financial benefits of the applicant or individuals employed by the applicant.
  8. Endowments.

To establish a new authorized program, applicants must submit a minimum contribution of $1,000.00 with each application in addition to meeting the requirements established in Section VII herein.


  1. Write a letter of inquiry to the Sons of Italy Western Foundation at 5051 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94112, and request a grant application form.

  2. Complete the grant application form by providing the following information:
    1. A brief history of the organization and a description of its goals, objectives, past accomplishments, and current projects.

    2. The amount requested and a budget that details how the grant funds will be utilized. Also, please indicate if an amount less than that requested will be acceptable and, if so, name the alternate sources from which the balance of the funds  needed may be derived.

    3. A detailed listing of other contributions to the project.

    4. A description of the problem, how it will be met by the proposal, and whether the organization will be competing or cooperating with other organizations.

    5. Plans for monitoring and evaluation.

    6. Plans to secure continuing operating funds if the project is of an ongoing nature.

    7. Biographies of key project personnel.

    8. Complete financial statements (audited if available) for the organization's past two fiscal years, or portion thereof if the organization has been in existence less than   two years, including separate disclosure of total salaries, fund-raising costs, and other administrative expenses.

    9. Federal tax returns, upon request.

    10. Current operating statements and current budget information for the organization.

    11. Salaries of those involved with the project or program.

    12. If the request is for project funding, total cost of the project and timetable for its completion.


If funds are awarded, full reports of the progress of the project or program and its accomplishments, as well as financial reports, must be submitted to the Foundation by the Grantee in accordance with a schedule developed when the award is made. Funds not expended by the Grantee in accordance with its grant proposal must be promptly returned to the Foundation.


Individual high school students interested in applying for a scholarship from the Sons of Italy Western Foundation should contact their local high school counselors for more information and an application. To obtain a scholarship application directly from the Sons of Italy Western Foundation, please see our scholarships pages. For additional information please contact us at


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5. Medical Research

6. Birth Defects Libraries (see history of Birth Defects Libraries) WARNING!!! Very large file requires Acrobat Reader 5 or greater!!!!

- Stanford University

University of California, Davis

- University of California, Irvine CA

- UCLA, Harbor Medical Center REI, Torrance CA

- University of Nevada, Reno NV

- University of California, San Diego CA

- University of Colorado, Denver CO

- Children's Hospital Central California Madera, CA

- Loma Linda University, CA

7. Italian Language and Culture:

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To establish a new authorized program, applicants must submit a minimum contribution of $1,000.00 with each application in addition to meeting the requirements established in Section VII herein.