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State President Lynn Lawrence-Murphy
State Frst Vice President Arlene M. Nunziati
State Second Vice President John Costa
State Third Vice President Ted Seibel
Immediate Past State President Maria Fassio Pignati
State Orator Sadie Tamburine
State Recording Secretary Lori Rossi
State Financial Secretary Gabe Domenici
State Treasurer Barbara Fumosa Wisniewski
State Trustees - North Joy Bruno, Richard Luzzi
State Trustees - Central Frank Locicero, Pauline Richmond
State Trustees - South Al Trentini, Marco Zonni
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Name Term
Joseph LaBanca (2007-2009)
Vera Ferrara Girolami  (2005-2007)
Roy T. Vanoni (2003-2005
David A. Prisco (2001-2003)
John Tedesco (1999-2001)
Arturo Ibleto (1995-1997)
Ralph Agnello (1993-1995)
Frank J. De Santis (1989-1991)
Chris Lotito (1987-1989)
Lawrence Romanazzi (1983-1985)
Joseph Simile (1975-1979)
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Sons of Italy Western Foundation Roy T. Vanoni - CAO
Media Committee Andy Pampuro
Judiciary Committee HON. Al Girolami
Grand Lodge Home Committee Bill Murphy
Budget and Finance Committee David Lavezzari
Leadership Committee Arlene M. Nunziati
Membership/Public Relations Committee Joseph Simoni
Scholarship/Students to Italy Committee Rosmarie Vanderhaar - Chairperson
Italian Language & Culture Committee Vita Zaccaria
Youth Committee Brian Watson
Committee for Social Justice Tony Ricevuto
Ritual and Protocol Committee Donna Lee Costa
Queen Contest Committee Eva Lavezzari
History Committee John Nardi
Website Committee Anna Graeber - Webmaster
Athletic Committee Mary M. Lotito
Convention Coordinator Chris Lotito
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Birth Defects Libraries Halelann Christin
National Medical Charities Mike Carroll
Royal Court of the Golden Lion Chris Lotito
Garibaldi-Meucci Museum Joy Bruno
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Pam Ricci  
Roy T. Vanoni  
Andy Pampuro  
Lou Seibel  
Donna Romanazzi Grist Click here to contact a State Arbiter...

Lynn Lawremce-Murphy  
Arlene M. Nunziati  
Bill Murphy  
Sadie Tamburine  
Barbara Wisniewski  
Joseph Simoni  
Sid Tamburine  
Thomas Mancini  
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National First Vice President Vera Ferrara Girolami
Past National President Frank J. De Santis
National Trustee Maria Fassio Pignati
National Co-Chairman Douhet- Mitchell International Air Power Awards Joseph Simile
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